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Expert Group Trafficking in Human Beings (E02722)
This group no longer exists
THB Expert Group
Policy Area:
Justice and Home Affairs
Lead DG:
HOME - DG Migration and Home Affairs
Formal, Temporary
The group’s tasks shall be: (a) to advise the Commission on matters related to trafficking in human beings and protecting its victims by issuing written contributions, as appropriate and agreed with the Commission, and ensuring a coherent approach to the subject; (b) to help the Commission to assess the evolution of policy in the field of trafficking in human beings at national, European and international levels; (c) to assist the Commission in identifying and defining possible relevant measures and actions at national, European and international level across the range of the anti-trafficking policies; (d) to provide a forum for discussion on matters related to trafficking in human beings and bring about exchanges of experience.
Assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives
Provides expertise to the Commission when preparing implementing measures, i.e. before the Commission submits these draft measures to a comitology committee
Publication in RegExp:
05 Dec 2011
Creating Act:
COMMISSION DECISION of 10 August 2011 on setting up the Group of Experts on Trafficking in Human Beings and repealing Decision 2007/675/EC (2011/502/EU)
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Last updated:
12 Aug 2016
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