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Expert Group in the Youth Policy fields (E02547)
Group which operates on a permanent basis
Policy Area:
Lead DG:
EAC - DG Education and Culture
Informal, Permanent
The role of the expert group is to support the implementation of Youth Policy in all Member States. The sub-group on Peer Learning aims to help Member States to exchange experience and learn from each other on Youth Policy. The aim of the sub-group on Youth Indicators is to establish indicators in order to measure the progress of Member States in all the fields of action of the EU Youth Strategy. The sub-group on Mobility of Young Volunteers aims to facilitate the implementation of the Recommendation on Mobility of Young Volunteers across the EU. The sub-group on Youth Work Quality Systems examines youth work in EU Member States and explores how common indicators or frameworks may be developed. The aim of the sub-group on Contribution of youth work to address young people's challenges is to define the specific contribution of youth work and non-formal and informal learning to address the challenges young people are facing, in particular the transition from education to employment.
Assist the Commission in the preparation of legislation or in policy definition
Coordinates with Member States, exchange of views
Academia (Research, Social service, Youth), Association (Public relations, Social service, Employment and social affairs, Youth, Other (Mobility of young people, Dialogue with Youth, Volunteering)), Research Institute (Culture, Research, Statistics, Youth), NGO (Public affairs, Public relations, Culture, Fundamental rights, Social service, Education, Youth, Other (Dialogue with Youth, Volunteering)), International organization (Public affairs), Candidate country (Sport, Youth), National administrations
Publication in RegExp:
10 Dec 2010
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04 Mar 2015
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