In order to enhance transparency, a number of changes are being introduced on this Register, notably by improving data availability and reliability. It is expected that this process will be completed by 31 December 2016. Until then, information published on individual expert groups and/or on expert group members may still be missing, be inaccurate or incomplete.

How is the Register organized

What does the Register contain?

The Register distinguishes between Commission expert groups and other similar entities.

Valuable information on individual Commission expert groups and other similar entities is provided, such as the Commission department running the group and the group's mission, tasks and membership. The Register also includes relevant documents discussed and produced by groups.

If a group has set up any sub-groups to examine specific questions, the names of these sub-groups are listed in the details of the expert group.

The Register classifies the groups as follows:


  • set up by a Commission decision or by a formal act of other EU institutions


  • set up by individual Commission departments


  • duration is not defined


  • duration is defined

Search criteria:

You can search for groups by using the 'Quick search' by entering a key word or by using the 'Advanced search' form.

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