Groups recently established
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Groups recently abolished
C2020 CPG/079 - Support the analysis of the implementation feasibility for objectives 1-2 of the Risk Management Strategy
Groupe Consultatif de la Commission sur la Politique de Sécurité
High Level Steering Board for the European Innovation Partnership
Expert group - Collection and processing of foreign trade data
Expert committee on evaluation of Rural Development Programmes
Groups recently put on hold
Recent Calls for Application
15 May 2015
DG Environment
27 Feb 2015
DG Migration and Home Affairs
25 Feb 2015
DG Taxation and Customs Union
18 Feb 2015
DG Justice and Consumers
31 Jan 2015
DG Mobility and Transport
30 Jan 2015
DG Regional and Urban Policy
15 Dec 2014
DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
15 Dec 2014
DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
31 Oct 2014
DG Agriculture and Rural Development
08 Aug 2014
DG Taxation and Customs Union
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