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Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health (E00860)
Group which operates on a permanent basis
Policy Area:
Food Safety
Lead DG:
SANCO - Health and Consumers DG
Formal, Permanent
To provide the European Commission with the views of the association representing stakeholders in the food chain. The Commission consults the group on its programme of work in the following fields: food and feed safety; food and feed labelling and presentation; human nutrition, in relation to food legislation; animal health and welfare; matters relating to crop protection, plant protection products and residues thereof, and conditions for the marketing of seed and propagation material, including biodiversity, and including matters pertaining to industrial property. In addition, the Commission can consult the group on any measures which the Commission has to take or propose in these fields.
Provides views of stakeholders to the Commission.
Association (Fisheries and aquaculture, Livestock, Forestry, Agriculture, Consumer affairs, Insurance, Land management, Food safety, Public health, Transport, Other (Feed safety, feed safety, animal health and welfare, animal health and welfare, Plant health, Plant protection, animal health, animal welfare, plant health, feed safety, veterinary diagnostics)), EU agency (Food safety, Public health), EU body (Food safety), International organization (Economy, Agriculture, Development, Food safety, Other (animal health and welfare, Animal health, feed, animal health and welfare, Economic co-operation and development, zoos and aquaria)), Trade Union (Agriculture, Food safety), National administrations
Publication in RegExp:
25 Jan 2006
Creating Act:
COMMISSION DECISION of 6 August 2004 (2004/613/EC)
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Last updated:
11 Mar 2014
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