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Group Details - Commission Expert Group
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Data Retention Experts Group (E02933)
This group no longer exists
Policy Area:
Internal Market
Justice and Home Affairs
Lead DG:
HOME - DG Migration and Home Affairs
Associated DG:
CNECT - DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology
JRC - Joint Research Centre
OLAF - European Anti-Fraud Office
JUST - DG Justice and Consumers
Formal, Permanent
- To exchange information about changes in technologies relating to the provision of publicly available electronic communications (services and networks) and in the legitimate requirements of competent authorities of Member States which are relevant to the application of the Data Retention Directive and to help ensure that the Directive continues to fulfil its intended aims; - identify and to define difficulties which have emerged at national and cross-border level in relation to the technical and practical implementation of the Data Retention Directive, in particular from the perspective of competent authorities and the electronic communications industry; and - to identify best practice in matters relating to data retention and, if requested by the Commission, to devise and to disseminate guidance on best practice and to review the effectiveness of that guidance.
Assist the Commission in relation to the implementation of existing Union legislation, programmes and policies
Coordinate with Member States, exchange of views
Identify and promote best practice in implementation of the Directive
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06 Sep 2013
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13 Feb 2015
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