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Expert Group on Land Transport Security (E02821)
Group which operates on a permanent basis
Policy Area:
Justice and Home Affairs
Lead DG:
MOVE - DG Mobility and Transport
Formal, Permanent
The Group shall assist the Commission in formulating and implementing the European Union’s activities aimed at developing policy on security relating to land transport, and shall foster ongoing exchanges of relevant experience, policies and practices between the Member States and the various parties involved. - assist the Commission in the development of instruments for monitoring, evaluating and disseminating the results of measures taken at European Union level in the field of land transport security, - contribute to the implementation of European Union action programmes in the field, mainly by analysing the results and suggesting improvements to the measures taken, - encourage exchanges of information on measures taken at all levels to promote the security of land transport and, where appropriate, put forward suggestions for possible action at the European Union level, - deliver opinions or submit reports to the Commission, either at the latter’s request or on its own initiative, on any matter of relevance to the promotion of the security of land transport in the European Union.
Assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives
Coordinate with Member States, exchange of views
Publication in RegExp:
11 Sep 2012
Creating Act:
Commission Decision 2012/286/EU of 31 May 2012
Last updated:
12 Sep 2016
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