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European Forum on Forward Looking Activities (E02715)
This group no longer exists
Policy Area:
Research and Innovation
Lead DG:
RTD - DG Research and Innovation
Informal, Permanent
The European Forum on Forward Looking Activities will provide a permanent yet dynamic forum for stakeholders and experts to debate and exchange views and visions on future grand challenges and their implications for R&I. By enhancing collective intelligence it has also the mission to support European policies and research & innovation policy in particular with a long term perspective. The main objectives include: •Aggregate the results of outstanding Forward Looking Activities supported by European programmes or other organisations; •« Debate these studies and results with stakeholders and experts at the EC, EU and International level; •Offer advice on how to exploit these results for the early identification or refinement of existing and emerging grand societal challenges that could have far reaching scientific and technological implications for Europe; provide evidence on how these trends may affect the European research and innovation systems and the links to the political processes; and build genuine stakeholder involvement and commitment to action; •Advise the European Commission on how to better use Forward Looking Activities in its R&I policy making.
Assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives
Humanitarian aid, Development, Industry, Public health, Academia, Public relations, Research, Science, Other (Innovation, biotechnology, Education, Innovation & Technology policy, innovation & technology)
Publication in RegExp:
25 Sep 2012
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Last updated:
04 Apr 2014
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