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Nom de l'organisation Organizing Bureau of European School Student Unions
Adresse NL-Westermarkt 2-V
Tél. +31.20.623 47 13
Fax +31.20.625 58 14
Type de l'organisation Education and Youth
Statut légal NGO
Niveau de représentation (européenne ou nationale) European
Liste des membres National school student unions of Europe
Date de fondation
Président Board Members: Hanna Bäckmo, Martina Di Simplicio, Ana Mohedano Escobar, Maja Potocnik, Maarten Weyn
Directeur ou secrétaire Général Josiane Meier
Personne de contact à BXL Hanna Bäckmo, Martina Di Simplicio
Objectifs principaux Promote greater solidarity, co-operation and mutual understanding between all the youth of Europe, particularly between school students and their respective national organisations; Put an end to all discrimination and injustice within the educational systems of European countries; Uphold and improve the quality and accessibility of and the democracy in education in Europe; Work in co-operation with all European school student organisations and structures towards a genuine, all-European school student co-operation; Represent the interests and views of school students towards the European institutions and structures dealing with education; Develop greater understanding among people to enable the creation of a peaceful and secure environment to facilitate the development of each individual.
Activités Member of the Socrates Liason Group, participation in the advisory group for the Pilot Project on the Evaluation of Quality
Contacts E.U.