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Sicilian workmanship finds a place by Canada’s heart

Italian tie maker finds profitable market in Canada

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Graffeo Cravatte is an Italian manufacturer of high quality handmade ties. The company, based in Alcamo in the province of Trapani, has been supplying ties to the Italian market for the last 24 years. Recently, however, Graffeo Cravatte has been setting its sights on international markets as far away as North America.

Graffeo Cravatte began to trade with Canada four years ago and now operates with three local distributors in that country. In fact, the company’s exports to Canada now make up 7% of total turnover.

Graffeo Cravatte has even hired an additional employee with excellent knowledge of the English language in an effort to keep pace with international demand.

Although business from Canada is already strong, Graffeo Cravatte anticipates a fresh surge in demand once CETA, the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, enters into force. With tariff barriers (currently fixed at around 17%) set to be reduced or eliminated by the agreement, the deal would allow Graffeo Cravatte to offer its ties at much more competitive prices to Canadians.

The labour intensive artisan nature of Graffeo Cravatte’s handmade production methods mean the money saved from tariffs goes a long way. In addition, the small company looks forward to the streamlining of administrative procedures as a result of the EU-Canada trade deal.

In general terms, Europe is estimated to benefit considerably as a result of CETA. For Italy, Canada is the third largest market outside the EU with exports worth €3.6 billion.

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