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Policy evaluation

Evaluation is the main tool used by the European Commission to assess the extent to which EU action is achieving the set policy objectives, and how performance can be improved in future. The Commission requires that all activities addressed to external parties must be regularly evaluated in proportion with the resources allocated and the expected impact. EU trade policy is the subject of both retrospective and prospective analysis:

Publication Date Title Documents
September 2015 Evaluation of Council Regulation (EC) No 953/2003 to avoid trade diversion into the European Union of certain key medicines
September 2014 Monitoring the Implementation & Results of the CARIFORUM EU EPA Agreement
July 2014 Evaluation of DG Trade’s Civil Society Dialogue in order to assess its effectiveness, efficiency and relevance
August 2013 Evaluation on Communication Targets and Methods for Disseminating Information on Trade Policy Areas and Activities through IT & Electronic Communication Channels
November 2012 Evaluation of the EU's Market Access Partnership
March 2012 Evaluation of the economic impact of the trade pillar of the EU-Chile Association Agreement
February 2012 Evaluation of the European Union's Trade Defence Instruments (TDI)
October 2011 Evaluation of the Commission's Market Access Database
November 2010 Evaluation of the IPR Enforcement Strategy in Third Countries
May 2010 Mid-term Evaluation of the EU’s Generalised System of Preferences
November 2008 Evaluation of Trade's communication strategy
October 2007 Evaluation of the Export Helpdesk
February 2007 Evaluation of the Civil Society Dialogue
December 2005 Evaluation of EC Trade Defence Instruments
June 2005 Interim evaluation of the EU's Trade Barriers Regulation