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Helping smaller firms

New opportunities for businesses like yours

Smaller firms and start-ups power Europe's economy and create most of its new jobs.

Find out how nine of these companies are already exporting successfully across the Atlantic – everything from dredgers to artichokes.

And how an EU-US trade deal could help them export even more.

Claus Olsen

Sales & Marketing Director, Mette Munk
Odense, Denmark

"We are hopeful that the US tax on Danish traditional pastry can be removed in the current talks."

Florent Tarbouriech

President of MEDITHAU SAS,
Marseillan, France

"What TTIP means for us in financial terms? I'd say some additional 400-500 thousand euro of turnover by 2020."

Benoît Cop

Export Manager at Codiprolux SA, Luxembourg
Wiltz, Luxembourg

"TTIP would remove custom duties, so we could finally play on equal terms with American manufacturers."

Pedro Herrera Vigueras

General Manager, Conservas El Raal, S.C.L.
El Raal, Murcia, Spain

"Once tariffs on canned artichokes are eliminated, we expect to recover our position in the US."

Stefan Jaenicke

Head of exports, BHS Tabletop AG
Selb, Germany

"If EU and US end tariffs on crockery products, that would improve our competitive position."

Antti Kalliola

Vice President, Sales at Aquamec Ltd.
Säkylä, Finland

"We hope TTIP could change the current injustice in access to US market."

Arnaud Darmont

Funder & CEO, Aphesa.SPRL
Liege, Belgium

"We hope the deal will enable us to secure sales and distribution outlets in North America."

Anders Hansson

Sales & CEO of Almondy
Gothenburg, Sweden

"It is clear that a free trade agreement between the EU and US could benefit us."

Jarmo Virtanen

Virtanen, Executive Vice President of Efla Oy
Monninkylä, Finland

"I really hope TTIP could help level the field