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How TTIP would work

TTIP would have 24 chapters, grouped into 3 parts. Together they would aim to deliver:

Better access to the US market
Market access

This first part of TTIP would work in the same way as other EU trade deals already in place.

That means helping EU companies - however small or large, and whatever they sell – get better access to an overseas market outside Europe.

With TTIP, European firms could:

  • export more to the US and win government contracts
  • import more of the goods or services they need to make their final products
  • determine more easily when a product counts as being 'Made in Europe' (or the USA)
  • invest in the US more easily.

EU negotiating texts and factsheets on market access chapter by chapter

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Cutting red tape and costs - without cutting corners
Regulatory cooperation

In this part we're breaking new ground for an EU trade deal.
Our goal is to get regulators in Europe and the US to work together much more closely than they do now.

That's because to export to the US, EU firms must meet US rules on standards. And often, these rules ensure the same level of safety or quality, but differ in their:

  • technical details
  • procedures for checking if firms have met the rules.

This can be costly - especially for smaller firms.

Working together on regulations could cut those costs - while upholding the EU's strict levels of protection for people and the environment.

Seeing where our standards match

First, EU and US regulators would:

  • see where our standards match – but our rules to apply them differ
  • recognise each other's rules - so EU exports to the US only have to meet EU rules.
Working together on new rules

In future EU and US regulators would work more closely to draw up rules that are compatible with each other.

In both cases, we would safeguard:

  • regulators' independence
  • the precautionary principle
  • governments' right to regulate so they can protect people and the environment.

EU negotiating texts and factsheets on regulatory cooperation chapter by chapter

Browse the overview of EU negotiating texts and factsheets, chapter by chapter

New rules - to make it easier and fairer to export, import and invest

In this part, we want to put in place new rules to help all EU firms:

  • fully benefit from TTIP, especially smaller companies
  • access the energy and raw materials they need
  • protect their intellectual property – the research and ideas behind new products
  • invest with confidence, knowing they have some protection if things go wrong
  • save time and money on paperwork at customs.

We also want this part to set out:

  • measures that put sustainable development at the heart of TTIP – and ensure trade works to protect:
    • people's rights at work and
    • the environment
  • a formal system that ensures civil society can hold us to our word and includes:
    • business bodies
    • trade unions
    • consumer and green groups other non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
  • a mechanism for sorting out disputes between governments in the EU and US that they all trust.

EU negotiating texts and factsheets on Rules chapter by chapter

Browse the overview of EU negotiating texts and factsheets, chapter by chapter