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About TTIP

What is TTIP about?

The EU is negotiating a trade and investment deal with the US - the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - or TTIP.

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With TTIP, we want to help people and businesses large and small, by:

  • opening up the US to EU firms
  • helping cut red tape that firms face when exporting
  • setting new rules to make it easier and fairer to export, import and invest overseas.

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Europe currently faces big challenges, like:

  • kick-starting our own economy
  • responding to conflicts close to our borders
  • adapting to other, emerging economies outside Europe
  • maintaining our influence in the wider world.

An independent study and past EU trade agreements suggest TTIP would help, by:

  • generating jobs and growth across the EU
  • cutting prices when we shop and offering us more choice.

TTIP could also help us in the EU to:

  • influence world trade rules
  • project our values globally.

But TTIP can't be a deal at any price. And people naturally have questions and concerns about the talks – which it's our job to understand and address.

For example, we must ensure:

  • products imported into the EU meet our high standards that:
    • protect people's health and safety, and the environment
    • benefit society in other ways.
  • EU governments fully maintain their right to:
    • adopt rules or laws to protect people and the environment
    • run public services however they wish

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In 2013 EU governments gave the Commission a mandate to negotiate TTIP.

Now we're involving them as we negotiate, along with:

  • the European Parliament
  • business and trade unions
  • consumer, health and other public interest groups
  • the public.

And when we have a final text, it'll be  governments and MEPs who decide.

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