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Chemicals in TTIP - new ideas for working together

In May 2014 we published the EU's initial position on chemicals. Now we're publishing 2 more papers, on how EU and US regulators could work together on things like testing, classifying and labelling.

New EU Trade Commissioner visits Berlin

Cecilia Malmström today met German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel in Berlin.

TTIP negotiating mandate made public

The Council of the EU published the negotiating directives on the EU-US trade talks (TTIP).

EU Chief Negotiator meets the press after Round 7 of talks

EU Chief Negotiator Ignacio Garcia Bercero and his US counterpart today held a press conference marking the end of Round 7 of talks on TTIP.

Two new experts join TTIP Advisory Group

Felix Neugart, of the German Chambers of Commerce & Industry, will represent small business interests. Emma Woodford, of the European Public Health Alliance, will represent public health interests.

Now online - updated state of play in talks

The EU has just updated its document summarising the latest state of play in the TTIP negotiations.

Helping smaller firms, new opportunities for businesses like yours

Find out how nine of these companies are already exporting successfully across the Atlantic – everything from pianos to artichokes.

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