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10th TTIP round in Brussels

The 10th round takes place from 13 to 17 July. Register to the stakeholders events.

Malmström consults European Parliament on Investment dispute

The reform proposal identifies areas for further reflection and is based on the results of the public consultation held in 2014.

New report shows that smaller firms can benefit from TTIP

Reducing the costs of complying with technical regulations would be the most effective way to boost SME exports to the US.

9th TTIP round in New York

The next round takes place on 20-24 April 2015 in New York. The round includes stakeholder meetings as well as a press conference.

NEW BROCHURE! The Top 10 Myths about TTIP

Find out more about some of the false claims being made about TTIP – and what the reality actually is.

Joint EU-US statement protecting public services

The EU and US reiterate that trade agreements don’t stop governments from providing or supporting services in areas like water, education, health, and social services.

EU negotiating texts in TTIP

The European Commission is negotiating TTIP as openly as possible.

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