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14th TTIP Round summarised by EU Chief Negotiator

The EU's Chief TTIP negotiator discusses progress made after 14 rounds of talks.

Transparency: Commission publishes additional documents

The European Commission publishes a record number of EU proposals from the ongoing 14th TTIP round.

Malmström: "We need highly ambitious trade agreements"

In the speech delivered by the commissioner in Washington, the ambition to conclude TTIP negotiations remains strong

TTIP and the UK National Health Service

Commissioner Malmström responds to Unite legal advice, confirming TTIP poses no risk whatsoever to how UK runs its National Health Service (NHS)

Draft study on impact of TTIP - 13/05/2016

The study, prepared by an external consultant, is open for public consultation. Today, we publish the draft interim report.

13th TTIP Round – update by EU Chief Negotiator

The EU's Chief TTIP negotiator has summarised progress made in the 13th round of talks.

EU negotiating texts in TTIP- Updated on 14 July 2016

The European Commission is negotiating TTIP as openly as possible.

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