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Trade means jobs

EU companies export nearly as much as China to the rest of the world and more than firms in the US or any other country.

And this provides jobs forĀ  31 million Europeans.

In other words, 1 in 7 jobs in the EU depends on exports.

Exports create opportunities for everyone, skilled and less skilled workers.

And those are all good jobs. They pay on average better than jobs in the rest of the economy.

EU exports support a significant share of jobs in almost all countries across the EU.

Joining forces benefits all of us. More than 16% of Europeans in export-related jobs live in a different EU country from that from which the final product or service is exported. This is a clear benefit of the EU single market.

Last but not least, EU exports support 19 million jobs outside the EU. So what's good for Europe is also good for our partners.

Interested to learn more about EU trade and jobs?

Click on the map to see how many workers benefit from trade in your country.

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