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East African Community (EAC)

East Africa

The East African Community countries initialled an interim Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU in 2007.  On this basis, the EU and the Eastern African Community are currently negotiating a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.

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East Africa countries:

  • Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda
  • East Africa is a geographically and economically homogeneous region committed to regional integration.
  • The East African Community established a Customs Union in 2005 and fully-fledged union with zero internal tariffs as from 2010. This region is fast tracking its economic integration process has ratified since July 2010 a more far-reaching common market protocol and is envisaging a monetary union.
  • The integration agenda of the East African Community is strongly political in nature as its ultimate goal is to become a federation.
  • All the countries in the East African Community are members of the WTO.
  • Exports to the EU from East African Community are dominated by coffee, cut flowers, tea, tobacco, fish and vegetables.
  • Imports from the EU into the region are dominated by machinery and mechanical appliances, equipment and parts, vehicles and pharmaceutical products.

EU-ACP East African Community (EAC) "trade in goods" statistics

Trade in goods 2011-2013, € billions
Year EU imports EU exports Balance
2012 2.2 3.7 1.5
2013 2.2 3.5 1.3
2014 2.3 3.6 1.3

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EU and the East African Community

The interim Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU - signed in 2007 – includes:

  • duty and quota-free access for East African Community imports to the EU
  •  a gradual removal of duties and quotas over a period of 25 years
  • special agreements on co-operation in the area of sustainable fishing
  • new and extended rules of origin for farming, fishing and clothing
  • rules for settling trade disputes.

More information on the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and the East African Community

The EU and the East African Community are committed to concluding a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. Many chapters have already been completed, including on trade facilitation, sanitary and phyto-sanitary matters, technical barriers to trade, economic and development co-operation. Substantial progress has been achieved on agriculture, rules of origin, dispute settlement, institutional and general provisions. The negotiations are ongoing and assessed as not far from being at the final stage before completion.

Economic Partnership Agreements set out to help African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries to improve their trade.

Trading with the East African Community