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EU trade policy sets the direction for trade and investment in and out of the EU.

The Directorate-General for Trade in the European Commission develops and puts into practice EU trade and investment policy along with the EU's Trade Commissioner.

The EU is the world's largest trading power, and we rely on trade being open and fair with other countries around the world. Although we're open traders we need to enforce social and environmental standards in our trade deals to project our values around the world.

Areas of EU trade policy:

Create a global system for fair and open trade

EU trade policy makes sure that Europe's trade adapts to a fast-changing world.

We also work with the World Trade Organization to keep the global economy open and based on fair rules.

Opening markets with partners

The EU wants to create growth and jobs for Europeans by increasing their opportunities to trade with the world.

The EU opens markets by making trade deals with partner countries or regions. We also try to solve trade barriers that prevent European businesses from properly accessing a partner's market.

Make sure everyone plays by the rules

The European Union isn't naïve about free trade. We preserve Europe's high standards with our trade partners and make sure European businesses and workers can thrive in the world economy.

Trading in line with our values

The EU helps people around the world trade their way out of poverty. Europe has opened its markets to trade from the world's poorest countries, and helps developing countries take advantage of world trade.

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