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Trans-European Energy Networks


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Grants in the field of the Trans-European Energy Network (TEN-E)
- Call for proposals under the annual work programme for grants in the field of the Trans-European Energy Network (TEN-E) for 2008

Closing date for submission of applications: 30/06/2008

TEN-E Information Day on 20 May 2008      
Presentations are available

Revision proposed in 2003

Proposal for amendment of decision n° No 1229/2003/EC on guidelines for Trans-European energy networks, COM(2003) 742, 10 December 2003


The European Commission proposed this revision of the guidelines for Trans-European energy networks in the context of a package of Commission documents on Energy Infrastructure on 10 December 2003.

The revision was subject to an  Extended Impact Assessment.

A public consultation on the revision was made in August - September 2003. The results of the consultation as well as the contributions are presented in the following.

Results of the consultation in view of the Revision of the TEN-E Guidelines (Consultation was finished 15/09/2003 )

Summary of Consultation Papers (19 KB)
Key Issues (40 KB)
Overview of the Guidelines in Force for Trans-European Energy Networks (TEN-E) (25 KB)
Priority Axes and TEN-E Projects (44 KB)
Envisaged investment along the Priority Axes of TEN-Energy  (10 KB)
MAPS and TABLE (Priority Axes in the European Union and in Neighbouring) (13 KB)
Electricity (224 KB) Gas (225 KB) Oil (192 KB)

Confirmation of receipt of comments

We thank all individuals and organisations that have replied during the period of this public consultation.

All the written contributions received by the Commission were carefully analysed and evaluated within the framework of a detailed impact analysis with regard to the revision of the guidelines for the trans European transport network.

The most representative comments received are published and the results of the analysis of all the contributions which the Commission carried out are made public.

Ten-E Consultation process

Contributions (max 323 KB)

APG - VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid

Cordignano-Lienz. (2)

Commission de Régulation de l’Electricité et du Gaz (CREG)

EUROPIA (European Petroleum Industry Association) - (2)


SEPS, a.s. - Slovak Transmission Network System

WWF Feltre




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