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Generic Tax Name Tax on real estate - Single tax on property
Tax name in the national language Ενιαίο Τέλος Ακινήτων
Tax name in English Single tax on property
Member State EL-Greece
Tax in force since 2008/01/01
If abolished, date on which the tax ceases to apply 2010/01/01
Business version date 2011/01/01
Version date 2011/09/13
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Type of tax
Direct taxes Personal income tax
Corporate income tax

Indirect taxes VAT
Excise duty (EU harmonised)
Alcoholic beverages
Energy products and electricity
Manufactured tobacco

Social security contribution Employers
Legal base

Law 3634/2008 (Government Gazette 9A΄/29.01.2008), Law 3697/2008 Law 3746/2009, Law 3756/2009, Law 3763/2009, Law 3775/2009, Law 3808/2009 and Law 3842/2010 art. 56 which abolished it.

Who sets
The tax rate is set by

The tax base is set by

The reliefs are set by



Geographical Scope



Liable to single property tax is every natural or legal entity for its property in Greece as of the 1st of January of each tax year. More specifically, liable to single property tax are the following:

-The purchaser of real estate, from the date of the final drawing of the deed

-The possessor of real estate, from the date of the final court decision which acknowledges the right of ownership or other real right on the property

-The highest bidder, from the date of drawing the report of adjudication through public auction

-The heirs of real estate

-The possessors of real estate through final contract of gift after the death of the gift provider

-The contracting party (purchaser) of a memorandum of purchase agreement in cases of drawing purchase agreements by reversionary covenants

-The beneficiary of housing built by Workers' Housing Organisation who has already received the property without final deed of transfer

-The parent of dependent children for their property

-The trustee of succession in abeyance

-The administrator of succession for as long as the real estate is under his administration and management

-The trustee in cases of real estate under bankruptcy

-The escrow agent of real estate

-The possessor of real estate in litigation

-The lessee of real estate for the period of the financial agreement

Tax object and basis of assessment

The title or bare ownership or usufruct of real estate. The exclusive use of parking spaces, storehouses and swimming pools.

The basis of assessment is the value of the real estate and the titles thereto on the 1st of January of each tax year.

Deductions, Allowances, Credits, Exemptions

Exempt from the single property tax are:

-Residence of natural entities: from the total value of the residence a certain amount is deducted (100,000 € for a single person, 200,000 € for married people with an additional 30,000 € in the case of tree or more dependent children)

-Plots out of city plans or building complexes owned by natural entities

-Forests and forest areas

-Property of foreign countries, where embassies or consulates are placed, on condition of reciprocity

-Property bound by the archaeological services of the Ministry of Culture for archaeological research

-Buildings for which a demolition permit has been issued

-Property requisitioned by the army according to the provisions of Law 4442/1929

-Owner - occupied property of the Greek State, the Bank of Greece, the local authorities, Local or Central Council of Cities and Communities, Council of Prefectures, public law corporate bodies, Funds of any type, social security organizations, trade unions, the Archaeological Company, acknowledged religions or cults, museums, institutions beneficial to the public, etc

Rate(s) Structure

-1 ‰ on the overall value of buildings excluding the exempt residences (under conditions defined above under Exemptions) owned by natural entities

-6 ‰ on the overall value of buildings owned by legal entities

-3 ‰ on the overall value of real estate owned by non - profit legal entities, known religions and beliefs (according to paragraph 2, article 13 of the Constitution), museums, public interest institutions

-1 ‰ on:

·owner-occupied property used for production purposes or commercial activity,

·owner-occupied property of non-profit institutions,

·all other property of legal entities mentioned in the last category of tax exemptions that is not tax exempt excluding property of museums, known religions and beliefs

·real estate included in assets of investment companies in real estate and mutual funds

·buildings under a leasing contract for the period of the financial agreement, provided that they are not subleased and they are privately used for production or for commercial activity regardless of purpose

Tax due date

Legal entities: until the 15th of May of each year. A declaration is submitted, according to the final digit of the tax identity number, beginning with digit 1. The submission lasts 10 days. The tax is payable in 3 equal bi-monthly instalments (the first instalment is payable at the time of submission of declaration provided that the declaration is submitted on time).

Natural entities: for the first year of application, declarations of real estate (E9) for years 2005 through 2008 are considered as they include all real estate ownership until the 1st of January 2008. For the following years, declarations of real estate (E9) for years 2005 - 2008 and any subsequent amendments submitted. The tax is payable in 3 equal bi-monthly instalments, if the tax assessment is made until July. Otherwise, the instalments are reduced to 2 bi-monthly, if the tax assessment is made until September, and to one if the tax assessment is made after October.

Tax collector

Ministry of Finance.

Special features

The following penalties are imposed on legal entities:

Additional tax:

-2.5% for each month of delay, if a declaration has not been submitted (upper limit 200%)

-2% for each month of delay, in case of an inaccurate declaration (upper limit 200%)

-1% for each month of delay, in case of a delayed declaration (upper limit 100%)

-Lump sum fine of 5,000 € applies to legal entities which did not submit a declaration for single tax on property during the three month period following the deadline.

Regarding natural entities, in the case of non-submission, delayed or inaccurate submission declaration, additional taxes or fines are imposed according to law 2523/1997. No further fine is imposed when there is no additional tax payable and a lump fine has already been imposed for the submission declaration of property.

The single tax on the total value of real estate subject to the tax cannot be less than 1 Euro per sq. m. Exempt are buildings under construction, agricultural and livestock buildings, storehouses, and real estate in municipal districts with population less than 1,000 inhabitants. The same minimum tax of 1 Euro applies to legal entities with the exception of buildings under construction.

Economic function


Environmental taxes

Tax revenue
ESA95 code d91ca

Annual tax revenue (millions)
Tax revenue as % of GDP
Tax revenue as % of total tax revenue
2009 300.00 EUR 0.13
2008 360.00 EUR 0.15