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Presentations and speeches

DAY 1.

Monday 7 th April 2008


Opening Session


Opening of the Conferencepdf(46 kB) by László Kovács, EU Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union


Opening Speechpdf(29 kB) by Pervenche Berès, Chairwoman of the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs


Opening Speech by Christine Lagarde, French Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry and Employment.


Opening Speechpdf(22 kB) by Günther Verheugen, Vice-President of the European Commission



"The role of taxation in enhancing growth and competitiveness"

Chair: Christa Randzio-Plath, University of Hamburg


Introduction by the Chair


"How can taxation policy lead to growth in Europe?pdf(29 kB)" by Andrej Bajuk, President of EU ECOFIN and Slovenian Minister of Finance


"Taxation and growth: an assessmentpdf(195 kB)" by Peter Birch Sørensen, Professor, University of Copenhagen


Panel discussion - Chair: Christa Randzio-Plath, University of Hamburg

Michel Aujeanpdf(20 kB) (Taj Law firm and Former Director of Tax Policy TAXUD),
Philippe de Buckpdf(34 kB)(Secretary General of BusinessEurope),
Jeffrey Owenspdf(36 kB)
( Director of the OECD Centre on Tax Policy and Administration ),
Maria Lourdes Pérez-Luque
(Salans and President of the Confédération Fiscale Européenne), and
Peter Birch Sørensen
( University of Copenhagen)


Conclusions by the Chair

DAY 2.

Tuesday 8 th April 2008


Opening of the second day by Robert Verrue, Director General of Taxation and Customs Union, European Commission



Morning session:
"Which fundamental tax reforms for growth and competitiveness in Europe to meet the challenges of a globalised world? "


Chair: Robert Verrue, European Commission



"Which tax reforms are desirable for growth in Europe?pdf(29 kB)" by Etienne Davignon, Vice-President Suez-Tractebel and Former Vice-President of the European Commission


"Shall we shift taxation from labour to consumption? Efficiency and equity aspectspdf(98 kB)" by Clemens Fuest, Professor, University of Cologne and University of Oxford


"Flat tax and growth: the Estonian experiencepdf(1.86 Mb)", by Mart Laar, Member of Estonian Parliament and former Prime Minister of Estonia


"Flat taxes: what have they achieved?pdf(225 kB)" by Michael Keen, Advisor at International Monetary Fund



"Would businesses benefit from an EU wide tax base?pdf(84 kB)" by William H. Morris, Director at General Electric and AmCham


Discussion and questions with the floor - Chair: Jacki Davis, Communications Director at European Policy Centre.

"Which fundamental tax reforms in Europe in a tax competition environment?pdf(42 kB)" by Christopher Heady, Head of Tax Policy Division, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD





Afternoon session:
"How to finance the Welfare State in Europe: threats and challenges"


Chair: Karel Lannoo, CEO Centre for European Policy Studies


"How can tax policies contribute to the development of a modern, innovative and sustainable European Social Model?pdf(38 kB)" Vladimír Spidla, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities


"Are high taxes and high social benefits an obstacle to a competitive economy?pdf(32 kB)" by Jaakko Kiander, Director of the Finnish Labour Institute of Economic Research


"Do countries compete over tax and welfare systems and if so, how?pdf(300 kB)" by Hans-Werner Sinn, President of ifo Institute for Economic Research, and University of Munich


"How can tax and benefit systems promote women's participation in labour markets?pdf(93 kB)" by Joakim Palme, Director of the Institute for Future Studies


"Current tax reforms and the financing of welfare state in Europepdf(49 kB)", by John Monks, General Secretary ETUC


Discussion and questions with the floor, Chair: Karel Lannoo, CEPS


Conclusions by the Chair


General Conclusionspdf(14 kB) by László Kovács, EU Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union