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EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum held its ninth meeting on 16 September 2004

The agenda of the meeting was as follows:

  1. Adoption of the agenda ( doc. JTPF/015/2004/ENpdf(7 kB))
  2. Adoption of the minutes of the meeting of 10 June 2004 (doc. JTPF/016/2004/ENpdf(41 kB))
  3. Oral report from tax administration Members on the ratification process
  4. Oral report on the state of play of the Forum's first report
  5. Discussion on follow-up of re-entry into force of the Arbitration Convention (doc.JTPF/019/2004/ENpdf(25 kB))
  6. Exchange of views on the procedure concerning the "January 2004-December 2004 report" (doc.JTPF/017/2004/ENpdf(19 kB))
  7. Discussion on documentation requirements:
    Discussion papers:
    • draft revised discussion paper on the masterfile concept (doc. JTPF/003/REV3/2004/ENpdf(99 kB)- marked and annotated version)
    • draft revised discussion paper on documentation requirements (doc. JTPF/019/REV3/2003/ENpdf(209 kB)- including the unmarked version of the revised masterfile paper)
  8. Any other business: