Fiscalité et Union douanière

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Newsletter 'Taxation" and "Customs union'

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Newsletter Taxation 2016
Twelve eLearning modules on VAT are now available in 15 languages 26/07/2016
Public Consultation on reduced VAT rates for electronically supplied publications 25/07/2016
July infringements package 22/07/2016
EU and Monaco sign new tax transparency agreement. 12/07/2016
Tax transparency and fight against abuse. VAT call for applications. 06/07/2016
Commission welcomes Council agreement on fighting tax avoidance. 22/06/2016
Commission's Taxation and Customs Union department has own You Tube channel 16/06/2016
VAT Expert Group Opinion on the Action Plan on VAT & Basic information update for micro businesses(e-services) 23/05/2016
VAT action plan 2016 07/04/2016
The Concept of Tax Gaps – Report on VAT Gap estimations 11/03/2016
Taxation: Two reports on tackling cross-border tax obstacles facing citizens 03/03/2016
Orientation debates on future of VAT and European Semester 2016 24/02/2016
EU and Monaco initial tax transparency agreement 22/02/2016
VAT Explanatory notes on immovable property & VAT Cross border rulings 17/02/2016
Consultation on double taxation dispute resolution mechanisms 16/02/2016
In Brief: EU-Andorra transparency agreement & Taxation Paper n°62 12/02/2016
Measures against corporate tax avoidance 28/01/2016
VAT Committee has agreed guidelines for online gambling services 19/01/2016
Non-government members of the Platform for Tax Good Governance: Call for applications 15/01/2016


Newsletter Customs 2016
Progress report: Risk Management Startegy/Action Plan & Secure Trade Lanes pilot project EU-China/Hong-Kong 19/07/2016
2016 Multiannual Plan (MASP) for electronic customs 11/07/2016
Union Customs Code: More eLearning modules and additional languages available. 30/06/2016
Wildlife trafficking: EU Council emphasises key role of customs 23/06/2016
Commission's Taxation and Customs Union department has own You Tube channel 16/06/2016
The EU publishes the UCC Customs Data Model (EU_CDM) 31/05/2016
Union Customs Code (UCC) 29/04/2016
UCC work programme & Customs Blueprints 19/04/2016
Updated Authorised Economic Operator guidelines now available 08/04/2016
eLearning programme on the Union Customs Code: 1st module 11/03/2016