SAD Guidelines - I44

Box 44: Additional information/Documents produced/Certificates and authorisations

Using the relevant Community codes from Annex 38, enter the details required by any specific rules applicable together with reference particulars of the documents produced in support of the declaration, including the serial numbers of any control copies T5.

The subdivision "A.I. code" must not be used.

Where a declaration entering goods for the customs warehousing procedure is lodged with a customs office other than the supervising office, enter the name and full address of the supervising office.

Declarations made in Member States which, during the transitional period for the introduction of the euro, give the opportunity to operators to opt for the use of the euro unit for the establishment of their customs declarations must include in this box, preferably in the subdivision in the bottom right-hand corner, an indicator of the currency unit, national unit or euro unit, used.

Member States may provide that this indicator be entered only in box 44 for the first item of goods of the declaration. In this case, the information will be deemed valid for all the goods items of the declaration.

This indicator will be constituted by the iso-alpha-3 currency code (ISO 4217).

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