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SAD Guidelines - E35

Box 35 : Gross mass (kg)

Enter the gross mass, expressed in kilograms, of the goods described in the relevant box 31. The gross mass is the aggregate mass of the goods with all their packing, excluding containers and other transport equipment.

Where a transit declaration covers several types of goods, the total gross mass needs only be entered in the first box 35, the remaining boxes 35 being left blank. Member States may extend this rule to all procedures referred to under columns A to E and G of the table in Title I, B.

Where a gross mass greater than 1 kg includes a fraction of a unit (kg), it may be rounded off in the following manner:

  • from 0.001 to 0.499: rounding down to the nearest kg,
  • from 0.5 to 0.999: rounding up to the nearest kg.

A gross mass of less than 1 kg should be entered as (e.g. 0.654 for a package of 654 grams).

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