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SAD Guidelines - C2

Box 2 : Consignor/Exporter

Where identification numbers are used, the code takes the following form:

On import: Country code (a2); code UN/EDIFACT 3055 (an..3); exporter's identification code (an..13)

On export: Country code (a2); exporter's identification code (an..16)

Country code: The Community's alphabetical codes for countries and territories are based on the current ISO alpha 2 (a2) in so far as they are compatible with the requirements of Community law. The legal basis for these codes is Council Regulation (EC) No 1172/95 of 22 May 1995 on the statistics relating to the trading of goods by the Community and its Member States with non-member countries (OJ L 118, 25.5.1995). The Commission regularly publishes regulations updating the list of country codes.

UN/EDIFACT 3055: With regard to the coding of the operators in the third countries mentioned in boxes 2 and 8, Member States use a list issued and updated by an agency or another institution which defines the interested parties' codes. The selected agency will be identified in the list of the agencies published by the UN under the heading UN/EDIFACT 3055 (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport) which contains a list of the agencies responsible for the development of such lists of economic operators.

Example: "JP1511234567890" for a Japanese exporter (country code: JP) whose identification number with Japanese customs (agency code 151 in the list of codes for UN/EDIFACT data element 3055) is 1234567890.

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