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Partnership with industry

Co-operation with industry is a core element of international drug precursor control. Article 12pdf of the "1988 United Nations Convention against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances" highlights the essential role business has to play in combating diversion of precursor chemicals from legal trade.

The Commission fully promotes strong partnership culture with business. First of all, business, i.e. manufacturers, producers, traders, distributors, transporters, etc. are the first line of defence against diversion of drug precursors because they are best placed to know their customers and to identify possible unusual and suspicious transactions and orders. Secondly, business offers detailed knowledge and high expertise greatly important to building up effective monitoring systems that do not impair legitimate trade but can yield best possible results.

The EU legislation on drug precursors fully reflects the vital nature of the principle of co-operation with industry. However, in addition to legislative measures, voluntary co-operation with business must be privileged whenever possible as voluntary co-operation has proven to be very effective, offering the necessary flexibility to quickly respond to changing trends and patterns of diversion of drug precursors.