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SAMANCTA eLearning course



Welcome to this new eLearning course on the Sampling Manual for Customs and Tax Authorities (SAMANCTA) developed by the European Commission under the Customs 2020 Programme.


SAMANCTA is a guideline on how to sample goods for customs purposes, financed by the European Commission and developed by the Sampling Working Group Laboratories (Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union and Member States representatives).


Who is concerned by this course?
The course provides detailed practical guidance on how to use SAMANCTA. It is aimed at helping EU customs officers in charge of sampling goods to develop the competencies needed for correctly taking and handling samples for laboratory testing.


About the electronic training course
The content of this course has been developed by the European Commission (Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union) with the support of a project team comprised of national experts.
The course consists of approximately one hour of interactive material divided into six units as follows:
1. Course introduction.
2. Introduction to SAMANCTA.
3. Navigating SAMANCTA.
4. Using SAMANCTA in details.
5. Course conclusion.
6. 'Test me' assessment

The course is currently available in English, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian,  Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Spanish.


How to obtain the course
This eLearning course contains sensitive information. Therefore, it is not available for public download. It is distributed exclusively to national customs and tax authorities.

Customs and Tax officials are requested to contact the training officer in their own administration.