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Preparation of the Council of Economic and Financial affairs, Brussels 12 July


Commission will present  measures to enhance tax transparency and fight tax evasion/ tax avoidance. Formal adoption of 2016 country-specific recommendations is expected.


VAT: update of two lists that provide information and guidance on implementing the VAT Directive


See the list of consultations of the VAT Committee made by Member States and the list of guidelines agreed by the Committee.


Preparation of Council of Economic and Financial affairs, Luxembourg 17 June


Agenda includes Corporate tax avoidance, the Financial transaction tax and VAT


TAXATION/CUSTOMS UNION: the European Commission's relevant department has its own YouTube channel


…also available from this home page (please click on the icon top right).


The EU publishes the UCC Customs Data Model (EU_CDM)


The EU_CDM is based on WCO standards and provides an instrument with UCC data requirements for future Customs Systems


Customs controls related to safety, health and the environment.


See our new web section on cooperation between Member States for the enforcement of border controls.


VAT: Express your views on the development of a new EU VAT web portal


A study on a portal's implications is ongoing. The survey asks potential users about the requirements/prioritisation of information points and functionalities.


VAT: The list of EU VAT cross-border rulings (CBR) available on line has been updated


Click on "list of VAT cross-border rulings".


VAT: EU Cross Border Ruling (CBR) project involves 18 Member States now that Ireland and Italy have joined


See information noticepdfChoose translations of the previous link  in 23 languages for detailed information on participating countries, conditions and procedure.