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Speeches and statements

by Pierre Moscovici, European Commissioner in charge of Taxation and Customs Union, Economic and Financial Affairs.

The most important speeches given in the taxation and customs fields by the Commissioner are listed below with links to the texts.


The EU on the offensive for tax transparencyAGEFI Conference
Pierre Moscovici

Geneva - 12/11/2015

Corporate Taxation Action PlanStatement
Pierre Moscovici

Brussels - 17/06/2015

The future of tax policy: A matter for society as a whole

Closing address –
European Accountants’ annual tax policy conference
Pierre Moscovici

Brussels - 29/04/2015

Corporate taxation in Europe

Introductory speech at the joint meeting of the European Parliament’s Tax rulings and Economic and Monetary Affairs Committees
Pierre Moscovici

Brussels - 30/03/2015

TaxationStatement before the European Parliament
Pierre Moscovici

Brussels - 25/03/2015

Tax Transparency Package Introductory remarks at the press conference
Pierre Moscovici

Brussels - 18/03/2015

Corporate debt bias: Economic Insights and Policy OptionsEC-IMF Conference on Corporate debt bias
Pierre Moscovici

Brussels - 23/02/2015


Remarks at the ECOFIN press conferenceEconomic and Finance Ministers Council
Pierre Moscovici

Brussels - 9/12/2014

Council agreement on measures against tax avoidance and unfair tax competitionStatement
Pierre Moscovici

Brussels - 9/12/2014

Opening remarks at the 'ECOFIN' press conferenceEconomic and Finance Ministers Council
Pierre Moscovici

Brussels - 7/11/2014