Taxation and customs union

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Calls for Tenders

European legislation requires that tenders for public contracts where the amounts exceed a certain threshold, which varies according to the type of contract, be published in the Official Journal S series, which can be consulted free of charge in the TED database.

Further information on the EU policy on public procurement can be found on the Commission's website


Planned Calls for tenders 2016 (provisional planning)

Title Estimated amount in € Quarter
Provision of services for Scientific and Technical Assistance for revision and translation of chemical names in European Customs Inventory of Chemical Substances database (ECICS)   3rd
Provision of services for Scientific and Technical Assistance for improvement of sampling procedures   3rd
Provision of tax and customs information services   4th

Information concerning Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union's past years grants, building contracts or specific contracts made against framework contracts, can be found by consulting the Financial Transparency System.


Information for tenderers

The following documents are made available by DG Taxation and Customs Union for the information of tenderers.

  1. Guidebook for tenderers
  2. General Terms and Conditions for Information Technologies Contracts
  3. Model IT Services Framework Contract
  4. Model IT Services Specific Contract
  5. Model Annex VII (travel costs) to framework contract






For all enquiries on public procurement and grants, please contact