Taxation and customs union

Closed Calls for tenders

  • TAXUD/2016/AO-05 - Provision of a study on the review of the VAT special scheme for travel agents and options for reform
  • TAXUD/2016/AO-01- IT service management for trans-European IT systems of the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union ('ITSM3 Trans-European')
  • TAXUD/2015/AO-04 - Scientific, technical and secretarial assistance in the field of scientific customs – coordination of European Customs Laboratories
  • TAXUD/2015/AO-03 - Provision of IT Service Management for IT systems & Infrastructure operation (ITSM3 Operations)
  • TAXUD/2015/AO-02 - Scientific and technical assistance in the field of scientific customs
  • TAXUD/2015/AO-01 - provision of services covering multifaceted EU training support programmes, eLearning development and communication services in the field of customs and taxation (B-TRAIN 3)
  • TAXUD/2014/AO-06 - Provision of evaluation and impact assessment-related services
  • TAXUD/2014/AO-04 - Provision of tax and customs information services
  • TAXUD/2014/AO-02 - Provision of tax information sources and tax training
  • TAXUD/2014/AO-01 Provision of economic analysis in the area of taxation
  • TAXUD/2013/AO-03 (TIMEA2) - 'Intra muros' consultancy services for European Union IT systems and applications in the customs, excise and taxation areas
  • TAXUD/2013/AO-01 (CUST-DEV3) - Specification, development, maintenance and support of customs IT systems
  • TAXUD/2012/AO-13 (Effective Tax Rates) - Provision of effective tax rates in the context of an enlarged European Union and related supporting services
  • TAXUD/2012/AO-06 (QA3) - Provision of Services for Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Project Management of IT Activities managed by DG TAXUD
  • TAXUD/2012/AO-03 (FITSDEV3) - Provision of services to cover specification, development, maintenance and support of trans-European IT services in the areas of taxation and excise
  • TAXUD/2011/AO-13 (CCN2DEV) - Provision of services to cover the specification, development, maintenance and third level support of CCN/CSI and CCN2
  • Older procedures