Taxation and customs union

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EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum: meeting of 6 June 2013

  1. Adoption of the Agenda (doc. JTPF/008/2013/EN )
  2. Documents adopted under written procedure
  3. February 2012 Summary Record (doc. JTPF/005/2013/EN )

  4. Information by the Commission on current ongoing issues
  5. Transfer pricing risk management
  6. Draft report on transfer pricing risk management (doc. JTPF/007/2013/EN )

  7. Compensating/year-end adjustments

    Draft report on compensating/year-end adjustments (doc. JTPF/009/2013/EN )

    Background documents:

  8. Monitoring
    1. Discussion with members of advisory commissions (2nd phase of the AC)

    2. Background document:

      Summary of suggestions received from members of advisory commissions (doc. JTPF/010/2013/EN )

    3. Discussion paper on the improvement of the functioning of the Arbitration Convention (doc. JTPF/011/2013/EN )

    4. Background document:

      Discussion paper on improving the functioning of the Arbitration Convention (doc. JTPF/002/2013/EN )

    5. Statistics

    6. Statistics on Pending Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAPs) under the Arbitration Convention at the end of 2012 (doc. JTPF/012/2013/EN )

      Statistics on APAs at the end of 2012 (doc. JTPF/013/2013/EN )

  9. Any other business:
  10. Next meeting: 5 November 2013