Taxation and customs union

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EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum: meeting of 27th October 2009

The agenda of the meeting was as follows:

  1. Adoption of the agenda (doc. JTPF/016/REV1/2009/EN )
  2. JTPF reports: follow-up
  3. Discussions on centralized intra-group (doc JTPF/014/2009/EN).
    Contribution from Isabel Verlinden (doc. JTPF/018/BACK/2009/EN ).

    (reference documents already available for the last meeting: doc. JTPF/006/2009/EN, JTPF/014/REV2/BACK/2007/EN , doc. JTPF/022/BACK/2007/EN , doc. JTPF/012/BACK/2008/EN, Secretariat working document prepared for the tax administration sub-group meeting doc. JTPF/021/2008/EN, summary record of the Malta sub-group meeting doc. JTPF/022/BACK/2008/EN, Business contribution on costs allocation doc. JTPF/023/BACK/2008/EN, Prof. Maisto draft report on shareholder costs doc. JTPF/024/BACK/2008/EN - in Pdf format, doc. JTPF/025/2008/EN, doc. JTPF/004/BACK/2009/EN).

  4. Draft report on non-EU transfer pricing triangular cases (doc. JTPF/007/REV1/2009/EN)
  5. EUTPD monitoring (doc. JTPF/012/REV1/2009/EN, doc. JTPF/017/BACK/2009/EN and related Excel files, doc. JTPF/015/BACK/2009/EN )
  6. Draft 2009 APA table (doc. JTPF/010/REV1/BACK/2009/EN)
  7. Draft table on the number of pending cases under the Arbitration Convention (doc. JTPF/009/REV2/BACK/2009 )
  8. Any other business:
    8.1 Monitoring of the work programme
    8.2 2010 meeting dates: 4th February, 8th June and 26th October

    Summary record of June 2009 meeting (doc. JTPF/013/2009/EN )