The video shows how customs officers in EU countries work, and how they co-operate with their colleagues across Europe within the EU Customs Union. Customs officers in four EU countries highlight successes in the fight against dangerous products, counterfeit, and smuggling in general.

  • Length: 12'30
  • Size: 94Mb (wmv), 44Mb (rm)
  • Date of production: May 2008
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The Director of Customs at Antwerp harbour has worked with customs since 1968. He tells of his experience and explains what has changed, as well as what challenges lie ahead.

  • Length: 7'44
  • Size: 105Mb (mpg), 14Mb (rm)
  • Date of production: June 2008

The clip shows a young boy playing customs officer in the 1960s. In today's EU Customs Union, the boy is a customs officer who checks the flow of goods at the EU's external border with the latest technologies. Customs facilitate trade.

  • Length: 1'42
  • Size: 13Mb (wmv), 8Mb (rm)
  • Date of production: May 2008
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