Rules for using the logo

As part of the project to communicate "40 years of Customs Union" a logo was created. Its purpose is to provide the communication campaign with a clear visual identity, and to visually link the individual communication actions conducted at European and national level under a common umbrella. The objective of the project consists of better explaining and highlighting - on the occasion of the 40 th anniversary of the European Customs Union on 1 July 2008 - customs' roles:

  • Customs as a guarantor of the safety, health and security of the European citizen;
  • Its role as a driver for simplification, facilitation, improving quality of life;
  • The coordination role of the European Commission which makes 27 customs authorities work as if they were one.

The logo symbolises today's values and principles underpinning customs' roles. It expresses the movement of goods, cooperation across borders and the added value of coordination at European level. In order to be effective in protecting the citizen and facilitating trade, the 27 customs administrations in the European Union must act as one. The logo also refers to the circle of golden stars on the European flag that represent solidarity and harmony between the peoples of Europe.

Download the logo files and the promotional button.

The graphics manual is intended to help users reproduce the logo correctly. It includes instructions on how to create the emblem and a definition of the standard colors.

National customs administrations may use the logo in the context of the communication campaigns aimed at highlighting the role of customs in the European Union. This includes the reproduction of the emblem for individual communication actions such as sport events, Open Days, conferences, etc. as well as for information material and on Internet/Intranet sites.

National customs administrations ensure that authorities at regional and local level as well as their partner networks use the logo in compliance with the above-mentioned objectives of the Commission's communication project.

The logo may be used only in connection with actions that are compatible with the aims of the communication campaign.

Permission to use the emblem does not confer on those to whom it is granted any right of exclusive use, nor does it allow them to obtain ownership of the emblem or any similar trademark or logo, either by registration or any other means. Each case will be examined individually to ascertain whether it satisfies the criteria set out above.

If your project or information product complies with the above description, please get in touch with the European Commission and provide at least the following details:

  • Event/Project name and description
  • Address details (including e-mail) of the contact person
  • Name of your organisation
  • Number of participants in event/project
  • Geographical coverage

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