It was my dream to have a stage in the Commission. Before I even knew how the institutions worked and the history of the European unification, I felt that my place would be somewhere either in the European institutions or the UN.


Being half-Bulgarian, half-Tunisian, raised most of her life in the Czech Republic, I always felt like a citizen of the world, and central European. When I finally received a positive answer last December, I was sitting in my UN office and crying of joy. Might sound stupid, but I managed to achieve what I wanted: get the experience in the UN, and being accepted for a traineeship here.

I can sum up my experience here with one word: amazing! Professionally I learned how the Commission works, what is the relationship between the institutions and within the Commission between the units and the cabinet. I learned about DG EAC programmes and policies and I participated in events organised to promote them. The preparation of the Youth on the Move campaign was the most interesting part. I got the possibility to attend lots of other events: conferences on environment, minorities, social affairs, gender equality, reception, meeting commissioners, etc.


But the best part was meeting new people. Colleagues, people working in other institutions, people in Place Lux and most importantly other trainees :-) I met some amazing people from all around Europe, and even, the world. All of them with different backgrounds, and different life stories. And I hope I'll manage to stay in touch with them. We had long talks together, partied together, travelled together, and created a special bond.

What we might forget today is that the European unification brought peace for many people that suffered from the wars. Today, Europe is a fait accompli that makes young people travel all around.

This experience was something exceptional both professionally and on the human side and I hope that other generations of young Europeans will enjoy it as much as I did.