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Registration for the October 2015 traineeship session is now open.

To create or modify your application form.


General questions

Can I apply for a translation and an administrative traineeship at the same time?

- No. You can only apply for one type of traineeship per session.


Can I apply again if my application is not selected?

- Yes. You can apply as often as you want.


I already introduced an application and was not preselected. Is my application automatically valid for next session?

- No. If your application has not been successful for this session and you want to apply again for the next session, you have to introduce a new application for the new session.


I was preselected AND INCLUDED IN THE Blue Book, but finally not selected by any DG. Is my inclusion in the Blue Book valid for next session?

- No. Your profile will be in the blue book for one session.


Is there an age limit for applying?

- No. There is no limit of age to participate at the traineeship programme.


I have been selected but I declined the offer. Can I apply again for the next session?

- Yes. You can apply again for the new session, but it is not guaranteed that you will be selected again.


I have already done three years, but my university programme is four/five years long. Can I apply?

- No. In order to apply you must have obtained a full university degree. The university programme must be of at least three years, and without the diploma you will not be eligible for the Blue Book.


What are the pre-selection criteria?

Any candidate is evaluated anonymously by two different evaluators on the base of the following criteria (in order of relevance):

  • Level of education
  • Language Skills in one of the three European Commission working languages other than your mother language. The three European working languages are: English, French and German.
  • Level of language skills in any other of the 24 European
  • Relevance of working experience, if any
  • International profile (mobility)
  • Motivation and quality of reasoning
  • IT Skills, organisational skills, publications and rare domain of studies


What are the official languages of the European Union?

- The official languages of the European Union are Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.


What are the working languages of the European Commission?

- The working languages of the European Commission are English, French and German.


Online form

Registration and validation

For all questions regarding your registration with ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service)

>> see the ECAS FAQ page.

Data input

How should I fill in the form?

- You must first fill in and save the "Personal details" section. The other sections can be completed in whatever order you choose. You may input data in several sessions as long as you have not pushed the "submit" button.

Work experience

What kind of work experience may I declare in the form?

- Only declare work experience that is related to the profile that you have selected. Holiday or student jobs like pizza delivery are not considered relevant.
You should only declare work experience of more than six weeks.


How many work experiences can I add in the form?

- The system allows up to three work experiences. If you have more, select the most relevant ones.


Can I apply to other EU traineeship schemes at the same time as I apply to the Blue Book programme?

- Yes, you can apply for all of them. But then if you decide to do a traineeship of more than 6 weeks in any other European institution body, you will not be eligible for the Blue Book.


I have already done an internship in another European Institution. Can I still apply for the Traineeship at the European Commission?

- You cannot be eligible for the Blue Book Programme if you have been working for more than 6 weeks in any European institution, EU Body or Executive Agency. But, if you have been working in another European Institution for less than 6 weeks, even for 42 days, you are eligible for the Blue Book Programme.

Form submission and access to the submitted form

Can I make changes or correct mistakes in my online form after it has been submitted?

- No. Once you have submitted the form, you cannot change it anymore.To which address should I send the paper copy of my supporting documents in case I prefer to do so?


To which address should I send the paper copy of my supporting documents in case I prefer to do so?

- You can send the paper copy of your documents to:

The Traineeship Office, DG Education and Culture
Rue Joseph II 70/Josef II-straat 70
1049 Bruxelles/Brussel Belgique


Conditions for applying


What level of studies is required?

- You should have a full university degree over at least three years of studies.


I have not finished my studies yet, but will finish soon. Can I apply?

- No, in order to apply you must have completed the first cycle of a higher education course (corresponding to a Bachelor Degree) of at least three years.


I have completed my studies but not yet received a diploma. What kind of document should I provide?

- You should provide a formal statement from your university confirming that you have obtained your degree. The date of this statement should be entered as completion day of your studies.


Is it recommended to provide the Europass Diploma Supplement or the University Transcripts?

- Yes, but only if your University provides it. This document allows us to assess your academic curriculum.

Translation of documents

My diplomas are written in one of the Official languages of the European Union (e.g. Polish, Spanish)? Should I provide a translation in English, French or German?

- No. We accept documents in all official EU languages.


My diplomas are not written in an official language of the European Union (e.g. Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew).Should I attach a translation?

- Yes. For all documents that are not written in an official language of the European Union, you have to attach a translation in English, French or German. An certified translation is not required.


My documents are in Catalan (or Basque). Do I need to translate them into Spanish?

- As Catalan and Basque are not considered official European languages, you must attach to your documents a translation in one of the 24 EU languages.


Should I provide certified translations?

- No. Certified translations are not required.




OCTOBER 2014-FEBRUARY 2015 Traineeship

  • TRAINEESHIP: on-going


MARCH 2015-JULY 2015 Traineeship

  • SELECTION: December2014
    Sending of offers: start in January 2015
  • TRAINEESHIP: March 2015

OCTOBER 2015-FEBRUARY 2016 Traineeship

  • APPLICATIONS: 05/01/2015 (12:00, Brussels time) - 30/01/2015 (12:00, Brussels time)