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For the OCTOBER 2014 traineeship session.

To check the status of your application


Phone Interview

Will I be contacted by the Commission if I am preselected?

- Not necessarily. But some services might decide to contact candidates for an informal phone interview.

Does a phone call from the Commission mean that I am selected?

- No. Commission services may contact trainees in order to know if they are interested in working at a particular service and to ask some questions regarding trainee's motivation or language knowledge. Such calls are NOT binding.



MARCH 2014-JULY 2014 Traineeship

  • TRAINEESHIP: on-going

OCTOBER 2014-FEBRUARY 2015 Traineeship

  • APPLICATIONS: closed
  • PRE-SELECTION: March-April 2014

Congratulations to those who have received the confirmation on 26th March that they passed the first stage of the selection.
Message to candidates who haven't received any communication:Thank you for your interest in the Traineeships Programme. Application period for the traineeships session March 2015 will start soon. Best of luck!

  • SELECTION: May 2014
    (start sending offers on 2nd of June 2014)
  • TRAINEESHIP: October 2014