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Registration CLOSED

for the March 2015 traineeship session.

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3–step recruitment process

1. Application

  • Traineeships beginning in October – applications open in January.
  • Traineeships beginning in March – applications open July–August.

2. Pre-selection

Every single application is assessed on the basis of academic profile, language skills and additional qualities. A ranking is then established and the 2,800 candidates with the highest scores are shortlisted.

The applications which do not comply with the formal requirements are rejected.


3. Recruitment

The Commission units select candidates according to their specific needs and criteria (languages, studies, experience, etc.). Some 650 trainees are recruited for each session.



OCTOBER 2014-FEBRUARY 2015 Traineeship

  • APPLICATIONS: closed
  • SELECTION: May 2014
    Sending of offers: start on 2nd of June 2014
  • Traineeship: October 2014

MARCH 2015-JULY 2015 Traineeship

  • APPLICATIONS: 15/07/2014 (16:00, Brussels time) - 29/08/2014 (12:00, Brussels time)