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Visit from the White House

Trainees from the European Commission meet US Secretary of State John Kerry.


Kerry and BarrosoOn April 22, 2013, 40 trainees from the European Commission, representing all European member-states and directorate-generals, were personally invited by the Cabinet of President Barroso to an informal meeting on EU Transatlantic relations between the President himself and the US Secretaryof State John Kerry.

In his introductory speech, Secretary Kerry congratulated the EU trainees on their high level of competence and dedication and highlighted the prestigious nature of the traineeship programme, from which graduated important White House officials like Michael Froman.

The event, coming from Secretary Kerry's personal initiative, was an opportunity for the trainees to ask challenging questions and to address current topics on the international agenda, including the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement, the counter-terrorism strategy, the rise of new superpowers and the issue of gender equality.

Following the discussion, the two politicians personally met all the attending trainees, advising them to enjoy their higher education and training experience as much as possible.


John Kerry, José Manuel Barroso, EC's trainees ©U.S. State Department
©EC ©U.S. State Department




OCTOBER 2014-FEBRUARY 2015 Traineeship

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  • Traineeship: October 2014

MARCH 2015-JULY 2015 Traineeship

  • APPLICATIONS: 15/07/2014 (16:00, Brussels time) - 29/08/2014 (12:00, Brussels time)