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Registration CLOSED

for the MARCH 2016 traineeship session.

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Who can apply?

 The traineeship program is open to university graduates from all over the world who have a:

  1. degree of at least 3 years of study (minimum a bachelor),
  2. very good knowledge of English or French or German.
  3. very good knowledge of a second EU official language (required for nationals of EU countries).

 Translation traineeships

If you apply for translation traineeships (in the Translation Directorate General) you must be able to translate into your main language (normally your native language) from 2 other official EU languages (source languages):

  • your main language must be one of the official EU languages.
  • your 1st source language must be English, French or German.
  • your 2nd source language can be any of the official EU languages.

Please note!

!!! People who have previously done more than 6 weeks of in-service training or work (paid or unpaid) for any of the European institutions, bodies or agencies Choose translations of the previous link  are excluded.



OCTOBER 2015-FEBRUARY 2016 Traineeship

  • SELECTION: June 2015
    Sending of offers: June - November 2015
  • TRAINEESHIP: on-going

MARCH 2016-JULY 2016 Traineeship

  • APPLICATIONS: closed
  • PRESELECTION/eligibility: October - December 2015
    Sending of offers: January - April 2016
  • TRAINEESHIP: March 2016

OCTOBER 2016-FEBRUARY 2017 Traineeship

  • APPLICATIONS: 04/01/2016 (12:00 noon, Brussels time) - 29/01/2016 (12:00 noon, Brussels time)