Outside the office

A traineeship at the European Commission is much more than just a professional experience. Each batch of trainees organises a huge range of non-formal learning, social activities, from football to wine-tasting and much in between - in true bureaucratic fashion, each with its own organising committee. There are usually 40-50 of such activities to choose from.

The main social committee is the Trainees' Committee, which organises parties and social events in Brussels and Luxembourg. Among the most popular events are the Job Fair, which is meant to help you work out your next steps in your professional life, and the prestigious Euroball.

J’ai grandi dans une famille de classe moyenne dans un ancien pays véritablement socialiste. Mais lorsque l’on a pu commencer à voyager à l’étranger, vers l’Europe Occidentale, j’ai réalisé qu’il existait un écart considérable de pouvoir d’achat/de bien-être. Et bien sûr, cela a abouti à un petit complexe d’infériorité par rapport aux gens occidentaux.

Maciej Jastrzebiec-Pyszynski