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+++++ ENER.DDG2.D.2 Nuclear Energy Technology, Nuclear Waste and Decommissioning
Head of Unit Mr    Maurizio BOELLA
Secretary - to the Head of Unit - Administration
Administrative Assistant - to the Head of Unit - Administrative Assistant
Policy Officer - Governance and transparenecy in the nuclear energy sector
Administrative Assistant
++++++ ENER.DDG2.D.2.001 Nuclear Energy Technology
Head of Sector - Nuclear Energy Economy and Innovation Mr    M. DEFFRENNES
Policy Officer
Project Manager - EU policies - Non Proliferation
Project Officer - EU policies - Education and Training
++++++ ENER.DDG2.D.2.002 Nuclear Waste and Decommissioning
Policy Officer - EU Policies
Project Manager - EU policies
Project Manager - EU policies - Policy Officer
Policy Officer - Project Manager for projects related to the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste
Project Assistant - EU policies - Assistant technique dans le domaine de la gestion des déchets radioactifs et du combustible usé et du transport des matières radioactives
Project Manager - EU policies - Policy Officer
Member of Commission staff Mr    T. KIRCHNER
Legal Officer - legal advice
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