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++++ ELARG.C.1 Bosnia & Herzegovina
Head of Unit - ELARG C1 - Bosnia and Herzegovina acting
Deputy Head of Unit
Secretary - to the Head of Unit
Secretary - Secretary DG Enlargement
Policy Officer - European Integration
Policy Officer - European Integration - Desk
Policy Officer - European Integration - Desk
Programme Manager - EU policies - Assistance Desk Officer
Programme Manager for Financial Assistance
Policy Officer - European Integration - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Policy Officer - European Integration - Desk - Horizontal Co-ordinator
Assistant Policy Officer - European Integration - Internal Market: Chapter Desk 3 - Establishment and Services
Policy Officer - European Integration - Human and Minority Rights Desk
+++++ ELARG.C.1.DEL.BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA.002 Operations (1)
Team Leader - Head of Operations Section I.
Programme Manager - External Relations
Programme Manager - External Relations
+++++ ELARG.C.1.DEL.BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA.003 Operations (2)
Head of Section for Economic Development and Natural Resources
+++++ ELARG.C.1.DEL.BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA.004 Operations (3)
Team Leader - Head of Operations Section 3
Senior Coordinator
+++++ ELARG.C.1.DEL.BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA.005 Finance, contracts and audit
Head of Section in Delegation - Head of Finance & Contracts Section
Finance and Contracts Assistant - Verification - Assistant to Head of Finance & Contracts Section
Finance and Contracts Officer – Verification - [Chargé de mission dans la section Finances, contrats et audit] Senior Procurement Officer (Control)
Member of Commission staff
+++++ ELARG.C.1.DEL.BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA.007 Sub office in Banja Luka
Team Leader - Regional Liaison Officer/Team Leader - Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
+++++ ELARG.C.1.DEL.BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA.91 Cell: Operations Management (Financial instruments, including EDF)
Head of Operations
International Aid / Cooperation Officer
+++++ ELARG.C.1.DEL.BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA.001.94 Cell: Sectoral and other tasks not relating to the coordination of EU external relations
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Last update : 18 April 2014

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