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+++ EMPL.DG Reporting directly to the Director-General
++++ EMPL.01 Coordination and Planning, Inter-institutional Relations
Head of Unit Mr    David DION
Deputy Head of Unit
Administrative Coordination Assistant - Co-ordonnator CIS; Greffe 2000
Co-ordinator for Inter-institutional Relations - Council of the European Union - Policy Officer
Administrative Assistant - Assistant to Head of EMCO Support Team
Policy Co-ordinator - Secretary of the Employment Committee
Policy Analyst
Administrative Coordination Assistant
Legal Officer
Policy Officer - R├ędacteur de discours
Co-ordinator for Inter-institutional Relations - Inter-Institutionnal affairs Assistant
Policy Officer - Social Inclusion and Social Protection
Legal Assistant - legal affairs Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Secretary - Management of meetings
Policy Officer - specific policy : Europe 2020
Policy Officer
Co-ordinator for Inter-institutional Relations
Programme Assistant - EU policies - Preparation and implementation of the future Preogramme for Social change and Innovation
Policy Officer - R├ędacteur de discours
Secretary - to the Head of Unit
Administrative Coordination Assistant - Coordination des briefings
Programme Assistant - EU policies
Policy Co-ordinator
++++ EMPL.02 Internal Audit
Head of Unit - Head of Internal Audit Capability (IAC) Mr    Vincent WIDDERSHOVEN
Internal Auditor - Internal auditor
Internal Auditor - Internal auditor
Internal Auditor
Administrative Assistant
Assistant Internal Auditor
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Last update : 18 April 2014

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