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++++ ESTAT.B.1 Methodology and corporate architecture
Head of Unit - Methodology and Corporate Architecture Mr    Roberto BARCELLAN
Secretary - to the Head of Unit
Team Leader - Chief Enterprise Architect
Team Leader - Research in official statistics
Statistical Officer - ESS Vision Infrastructure Project Administrative data sources
Statistical Assistant - Enterprise Architecture
Statistical Officer - Statistical Methodologist
Project Officer - EU policies - IT - Internet content administration; develop, maintain infrastructure for cooperative environment in Methodology and Research
Statistical Assistant - ESSnet
Team Leader - Statistical confidentiality and access to microdata
Statistical Assistant - Access to microdata
Statistical Assistant - Admissibility requests to access confidential data for scientific purposes
Statistical Assistant - Access to microdata
Statistical Assistant - Access requests to confidential data for scientific purposes
Planning and Programming Officer - ESS.VIP programme management
Statistical Officer - Information models and standards - Coordinator
IT Project Manager - Seconded National Expert - data and software standards
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