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++++ ESTAT.A.1 European Statistical System Governance and External Relations
Head of Unit - European Statistical System Governance Ms    Cristina PEREIRA DE SA
Webmaster-Editor - Website of the European Statistical System and External Relations. Support to the Partnership Group.
Planning and Programming Officer - Secretary of the European Statistical Governance Advisory Board and the European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC)
Planning and Programming Assistant - ESGAB and ESAC work, meetings and seminars - Coordination of statistical production with other Commission DGs
Secretary - to the Head of Unit. European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC) and European Statistical Governance Advisory Board (ESGAB) meetings, seminars and conferences.
International Coordination Officer - Administrator for the European Statistical System Committee and the DGINS Conference
Planning and Programming Assistant - Relations with EU Member States / ESSC, PG and DGINS
Team Leader - International organisations and Higher Income Countries (HICs)
Statistical Assistant - International meetings (UN, OECD, CES), Cooperation with HIC/regional organisations: Japan, Korea and Australia, International Relations Working Group
Statistical Assistant - Cooperation with Higher Income Countries: Russia, Canada, Chile and Mexico. Cooperation with international organisations
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Last update : 24 April 2014

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