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++++ EAC.B.2 Vocational training and adult education; Erasmus+
Head of Unit ana-Carmen BACHMANN
Deputy Head of Unit - Vocational education and training
Secretary - to the Head of Unit
Policy Assistant - Directors General of Vocational Education and Training (DGVT), Advisory Committee on Vocational Training (ACVT), VET Presidency relations, VET provider relations
Programme Manager - EU policies - work-based learning - youth employment links - Vocational Education Training (VET) & Adult Learning (AL) policy in Norway
Policy Officer - Early School Leaving and VET, VET attractiveness
Policy Officer - Recognition and quality of learning outcomes, in particular ECVET
Policy Officer - Directors General of Vocational Education and Training (DGVT), Advisory Committee on Vocational Training (ACVT), VET Presidency relations
Policy Officer - VET and skills development/matching, Sector Skills Alliances, sectoral skills needs
Policy Officer - Vocational Education Training (VET) and Adult Learning (AL) teaching professions, European Training Foundation (ETF), Eurostat
Policy Officer - VET and Adult Learning mobility; quality and impact, awareness raising actions; virtual mobility
Policy Officer - VET excellence, Follow up Bruges Communiqué, VET entrepreneurship education
Policy Officer - European Alliance for Apprenticeships, work-based learning, VET and youth employment
Policy Officer - Quality Assurance in VET, EQAVET (European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training)
Secretary - Vocational training and adult education
Secretary - Gestion des réunions
Policy Officer - VET and Adult learning - ET2020 support financing VET & AL, sectoral skills needs
+++++ EAC.B.2.001 Adult education and continuing VET
Head of Sector - Coordination of adult learning and continuous VET policy work. . HOLDSWORTH
Seconded Official - Adult learning and continous VET; financing and quality of adult learning
Assistant Policy Officer - To monitor, valorise and disseminate the results of the VET and AE programmes and transfer the results to policy development. EPALE Coordinator
Policy Officer - Follow up of the European Adult learning Agenda and development of policies; basic skills; VET and AE policy officer for IE.
Policy Officer - Vocational education and training (VET) and adult learning (AL) programme coordinator
Policy Officer - Coordination of adult learning and VET inputs to Erasmus+ programme and to EU2020 and ET2020 processes
Policy Assistant - Communication on Adult Learning and VET policies
Secretary - Secteur Education des adultes et formation professionnelle continue
Policy Assistant - Adult Learning statistics, PIAAC study
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