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+++++ RTD.DDG2.C.2 North America, Latin America and Caribbean
Head of Unit obert BURMANJER
Deputy Head of Unit
Administrative Assistant
Policy Officer - research and innovation relations with South America (except Brazil) / coordinate the EU-LAC regional cooperation for research and innovation
Policy Officer - Research and innovation relations with USA and Canada
Policy Officer - S/T relations with Mexico, Central America, Caribbean,
Policy Officer - Science, Research and Innovation relations with Brazil
Administrative Agent
Research Programme Officer - Scientific Officer
Administrative Agent
Policy Officer
++++++ RTD.DDG2.C.2.DEL.BRAZIL.003 Other Community Policies
Intelligence Analyst - Adviser - Science Counsellor for S&T relations with Brazil
+++++++ RTD.DDG2.C.2.DEL.BRAZIL.003.93 Cell: Political, Information and Public Diplomacy
+++++++ RTD.DDG2.C.2.DEL.BRAZIL.003.95 Cell: Operations - Administration for Financial instruments, including EDF
++++++ RTD.DDG2.C.2.DEL.UNITED STATES.007 Other Community policies (4)
Policy Co-ordinator - Adviser - Research and Innovation Councellor in the EU Delegation in Washington DC (USA)
Policy Officer - Research and Innovation Counsellor in the EU Delegation in Washington DC (USA)
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